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It will take at least a year for you to get a taste of what aikido is like. This may be a difficult statement to understand, but it is true for all the martial arts, and the fine arts as well. A beginning musician would not expect to play in Carnegie Hall after taking "ten easy lessons", so why should one expect to have a high level of skill in the martial arts with a similar amount of training?

A musician usually learns the technical basics of his or her instrument, along with the basics of music theory, before becoming competent at improvisation. Improvisation has no firm rules, but the music is enhanced when the musician knows what the rules are, even while breaking them.

Similarly, with aikido you must learn the basics well before you attain the ability for full expression through improvised movement. As a new aikidoka, you are like a person who is learning a new language. The basic movements are the letters of the alphabet. Learn your basics well. As time goes by, you will learn how to put the letters into words, the words into sentences, and later how to combine the sentences into personal statements that reflect your own individuality.

If there is one important point that should be stressed to beginners it is this: the secret of aikido is daily training. Consistent, unwavering devotion to one's practice. If you consistently come to practice, you will progress! The secret to aikido is so simple, so obvious, that it is easily overlooked.

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